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AMP Research Powerstep

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AMP Research Powerstep extends seamlessly when any door is opened, offering you a secure stepping point for going in and out of your truck. This rock-solid AMP Running Board retracts into an integrated pocked when the door is closed, maintaining your vehicle's streamlined profile with no loss of ground clearance. When you open the door, the Powerstep extends in less than a second to give you a sure-footed step. This fully automated running board is proven to perform in severe driving conditions and can hold up to 600 lbs. The Powerstep is made of the highest quality extruded aluminum and features a textured powder-coat finish for maximum grip and durability. Best of all, AMP backs your running board with an exclusive 5-Year/60,000 mile warranty.

AMP Research is the undisputed leader in the manufacturing of truck-accessibility products. These products give enthusiasts and truck-owners a way to upgrade their rig to make it easier to board and use. AMP Research integrated hydraulics and electronics to develop products that add functionality to trucks and SUVs. Using this technology, AMP Research introduced the Power Step, the first electrically deployed truck running board made in the USA.

Knowing that full trucks have a very high ride height which makes it difficult for boarding, AMP Research designed a number of solutions, like the innovative Bed Step, that made it easy to go in and out of the rear of the truck. All of these were developed inside their very own development and engineering center located at Tustin, California. Being located in one of USA's hotbeds for automotive excellence and motorsports, their massive 55,00 square foot facility stands as an innovative leader in the truck accessory niche and has been awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certification.


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