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The history of Acura TSX has begun in 2003, when Acura (the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Honda) presented a new line of compact executive cars. In the period 2008 – 2013, Acura TSX was the smallest vehicle in the Acura model line. The TSX was manufactured in two generations.

The first generation (2004–2008) came with a 2.4-litre inline four-cylinder engine, a six-speed manual transmission and a front wheel drive layout. In 2005 XM Satellite Radio and a four-way power passenger seat were added. In the next year the engine was slightly improved and both the exterior and interior were updated. In 2007 TSX was provided with Tire Pressure Monitoring System and a bettered electronic rear view mirror, while in the next year a new color option was available.

The second generation (2009-2014) had bigger size and Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure – as a result, accident impact on occupants was decreased. A special version, called the "Premium Package" was offered with a variety of lavish features, such as: leather seat upholstery, dual-zone climate control, power driver's seat with memory, sunroof, Xenon headlights and USB port music interface. In 2011 a new model, Sport Wagon, was launched – it featured I4 engine and 5-speed automatic transmission. One year later, a Special Edition model was released – with a more sporty appearance, thanks to the aggressive front spoiler. Some other cosmetic modifications were made as well. In 2014 Acura TSX was discontinued and replaced by the new line – Acura TLX. However, Acura TSX has won several awards, including AutoPacific's award for most ideal midsized luxury car for 2012.

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