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Acura Integra (also known as Honda Integra) is a series of luxurious and sports-oriented hatchback cars, produced by Acura – a division of the famous Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda. Acura Integra was introduced in 1986 and was offered with two different engines, called the “Browntop” and “Blacktop”, because of their valve covers' color. The “Blacktop” featured some upgrades, like lighter rods, domed pistons for a little bit higher compression, and an electric advance distributor. The first Acura Integras were available as 3-, 4-, and 5-door models, but in 1988 the 5-door version was discontinued.

In 1994 a new generation was launched. It had an unparalleled four headlight front end design. However, this design was later replaced due to unpopularity and the new Integras featured only small cosmetic improvements. The Acura Integras from this generation also came with a variety of useful feature, such as: security system, alloy wheels, trunk mat, splash guards, fog lights, and CD changer. Acura Integra is the right choice for those drivers who seek superior handling and high performance.

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