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AC Cobra

The AC Cobra is an inimitable sports ride that combines aggressive aesthetics and unbeatable performance. Also known as the Shelby Cobra in the USA, this two-door roadster was born in 1962 through the efforts of AC Cars and Ford. A true powerhouse, the AC Cobra gained much popularity in 1964 when it defeated the almighty Ferrari in the Le Mans, an achievement very few vehicle models can stake a claim to. 40 years later and this awesome ride is still highly demanded by race enthusiasts. Production of the AC Cobra continued until the late 1960s and resumed later in the mid-1980s. Since then, high-quality replicas of the AC Cobra have been manufactured by AC Cars while the original AC Cobra is now labeled as a classic car.

The US magazine Car and Driver had this to say about the car: “Very simply stated, the AC Cobra attained higher performance figures than any other production automobile we have tested.

With the purpose of sustaining the AC Cobra’s excellence and elevating its drivability, car aficionados are offered a huge selection of aftermarket upgrades to get the job done. Automotive Stuff offers a large collection of high-quality AC Cobra Parts and Accessories. We are an authorized retailer of the well-renowned aftermarket brands so all the purchases you make from our website are guaranteed to be authentic, defect-free and brand new. We carry upgrades for the AC Cobra, Cobra MK II 289, MK III 427 and MK III 428. All the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer are included when you buy your AC Cobra Parts from Automotive Stuff. What’s more, shipment to your location in the USA takes only three to five working days.

Automotive Stuff certifies the best prices in the USA for AC Cobra Parts and Accessories. By integrating our air intake systems and air filters, we ensure better engine breathability for elevated power and performance levels. All these aftermarket components are made from high-end materials using cutting-edge technology.


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