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The history of Honda Accord has begun almost 40 years ago and includes nine generations of models. The four-door sedan Honda Accord was most successful and has even become one of the best-selling cars in the United States since 1989.

Honda Accord was introduced in 1976. The first generation (1976–1981) was offered as a three-door hatchback and featured superior fuel economy. In 1981 the second generation was launched and became the first car from a Japanese manufacturer that was manufactured in the United States. This generation was available with improved exterior and interior. The third generation (1986–1989) utilized double wishbones at both the front and rear ends – these vehicles were also provided with very impressive exterior design and hidden headlamps.

At the beginning of the 90's, the fourth generation of Honda Accord has started. It was much bigger in comparison with the previous models and featured notable engineering design upgrades. The fifth generation (1994–1997) included two different models – the first one was launched on the European market and the second version was sold on the North American and Japanese markets. Honda continued with this dividing even further – the sixth generation (1998–2002) contained three versions: for the European, North American and Japanese markets.

The seventh generation Honda Accord (2003–2007) came with a model for the Japanese and European markets, and another model for the North American market. The eight generation (2008–2012) included Japanese and North American versions. The Japanese model, which was also sold in Europe, was offered as both a sedan and a station wagon. The North American version was available with different body – it was bigger, with full-size car sedan. The ninth and newest generation was presented in 2013 – it utilizes a strut suspension (for first time since the second generation) and is available with a variety of modern, useful features. Honda also created a hybrid version, called “Accord Plug-in Hybrid”, which was introduced in 2012 for model year 2014. This hybrid features much greater fuel economy. But Honda goes even further – in 2016 a new generation of fuel cell vehicles will be launched, with a new dedicated plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicle models.

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