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The history of Dodge Caravan has begun more than 30 years ago, when Dodge has introduced a line of passenger minivans. Dodge Caravan is often considered as a pioneering example of the minivan configuration and was manufactured in five generations.

The first generation (1984–1990) was based on Chrysler's S platform in three trim levels: base, mainstream SE, and LE. The first Dodge Caravans featured a short wheelbase, but in 1987 a new, long-wheelbase version was released – Dodge Grand Caravan, which provided additional cargo space behind the rear seat. In 1984 Dodge also released a cargo version of the Caravan, named the Mini Ram Van. This model offered the option of either having the conventional hatch door in the back or the optional swing-out bi-parting doors. In 1989 Dodge Mini Ram Van was renamed Caravan C/V. Six years later Caravan C/V was discontinued.

The second generation Dodge Caravan (1991–1995) utilized the Chrysler AS platform and came with a variety of new features: "Quad Command" bucket seating; integrated child safety seats with recliners and better design; anti-lock brakes; airbags and all-wheel drive. In 1996 the third generation has started – it featured both long- and short– wheelbase models with three or four doors. There were also eight distinct powertrains, including electric and compressed natural gas. The third generation featured a driver's side sliding door and new seat management system, called Easy Out Roller Seats.

The fourth generation (2001–2007) was based on the Chrysler RS platform and was provided with a bigger body frame with redesigned headlights and taillights. Optional power sliding doors and a power hatch were offered as well. The fifth and newest generation was launched in 2008. After 2007, Dodge short-wheelbase Caravan was discontinued and only the long-wheelbase version was released in the fifth generation. The models from this generation are more close to crossovers rather than minivans. The new Dodge Caravans come with a lot of new features: a Swivel'n Go seat management system; MyGIG entertainment system; second and third row video screens; powered second row windows; conventional side curtain airbags, and dashboard-mounted transmission controls. Better fuel economy is guaranteed as well, but all-wheel-drive system is not provided. The fifth generation will also probably be the last one, because Chrysler has announced that Dodge Grand Caravan will end production in 2016 as a 2017 model. The Caravan will be replaced by the new generation of Chrysler Town & County model.

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