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In 2004, the North American division of Toyota – Scion – has introduced a new line of sport compact cars, called "tC". Scion tC features a 2-door coupe body style and FF layout. The tC model was manufactured in two generations.

The first generation was presented as a 2005 model year vehicle in the USA. However, this generation was not available on the Canadian market. The first generation tC was based on the Toyota "T" platform and featured 106.3 in. wheelbase. The Scion tC cars from this period came with 2.4 L 2AZ-FE straight-4 engine and 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. This generation was provided with numerous useful features, such as: power windows, cruise control, air conditioning, keyless entry, and many more.

The second generation was launched in 2011 and was sold in Canada as well. The tC model came with some performance improvements. This generation is available with a more powerful, 2.5 L 2AR-FE straight-4 engine and 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The exterior was upgraded as well – now the tC cars feature more muscular and angular appearance. In 2014, Scion tC was improved with more modifications, like new grille and 18-inch alloy rims, a sport-tuned suspension, faster shifting transmission, as well as new headlamps and LED taillights.

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