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2005 AUDI S4

In 1991 the German automaker Audi launched a new line of high performance cars, called "S4". The 25-year history of Audi S4 includes six generations. All S4 models feature four-wheel drive layout with a longitudinal front engine and a transmission mounted directly at the rear of the engine.

The first generation (1991–1994) was created as a replacement of the Audi C3 Series and was built on the Volkswagen Group C4 platform. The first S4 models came with a 2.2 L I5 20V DOHC engine, but another option became available later – a 4.2 L V8 32V DOHC engine. There were three types of transmission – 4-speed automatic, 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual transmission. The second generation (1997–2002) and all next generations were based on the Audi A4 model. The second generation came with two body styles: the classic 4-door saloon/sedan, and a new 5-door estate/wagon version, called "Audi S4 Avant". This generation used the Volkswagen Group B5 and was available with a 2.7 L V6 30v DOHC "biturbo" engine and 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission.

The third generation started in 2003 and was named "Audi S4 Quattro". This generation was built on the new Volkswagen Group B6 (PL46) platform and came with a new 4.2 L V8 40v DOHC engine with 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. In 2004 a two-door four-seat Cabriolet version was released. The fourth generation (2005–2008) was based on the Volkswagen Group B7 (PL46) and featured some cosmetic changes.

The fifth generation was launched in 2009. It is designed on the new Volkswagen Group MLB/MLP platform and is equipped with a 3.0 L V6 24v TFSI engine with a 6-speed manual or 7-speed Dual-clutch 'S tronic' transmission. However, in this generation the cabriolet version was discontinued. The sixth, newest generation will be released in 2016. It will be available with an 8-speed torque converter automatic transmission, improved engine and a variety of modern features, such as new multi-piston type brakes, LED headlights, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, "S" embossed seats, and quad tailpipes.

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